Video Games and Learning?

I am currently participating in a MOOC about Video Games and Learning which is  topic buzzing around my head (and the industry) at the moment. So what better way to learn more about this and gamification than seeing what the great world of the internet thinks.

This weeks topic was all about learning what makes a game a good game and what makes a great game!

KEY LEARNING ONE: the best games are made when the world inside the game is an ill-defined problem, but the user is guided by a series of well-defined problems. When you only have a general idea of what the end game is you can’t give people a general idea of how to get there – you wont learn anything – you will get bored and toss it. You need missions that progress people – missions with choice and consequences… which leads me to my next point.

KEY LEARNING TWO: Have you ever participated in a role play activity to simulate “real life” and thought – this is nothing like real life at all. In training program sometimes it feels so scripted – I feel like I am not learning skills to deal with the situation I am learning the company script for a generic problem. This works when you have a scenario that is “the person asked me this question – then I answered this – then the conversation was finished”. But yeah.. I have not really had many of those experiences – its more like ” they asked me this – I answered this – then they queried this –
and all of a sudden we were in uncharted waters and I was like THE ROLE PLAY DID NOT PREPARE ME FOR THIS”. Video games are these amazing choose your own journey worlds .. so for me I want to really think about how we try to create these practice environments in real life. People don’t need a script, they need skills that can use!

Anyway that enough for tonight – goodnight internetz

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  1. Nice thoughts! Gamification is indeed what the learning industry is talking about these days.
    Training through video games puts learners in charge of their training experience and faces them with real-life situations. It helps building skills and introduces the techniques that learners gradually put into practice. Stimulating simulations mirroring real life, allow learners to learn by trial and error without the risks.
    It’s a great way of elearning!

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