Recruitment ads for zombies

Recently I spent a fair chunk of my time reading and reviewing recruitment ads across a variety of industries. What this has exposed to me is an across the board propaganda campaign to make jobs appear much better than they really are. There are a handful of companies that I came across who manage to communicate some kind of authenticity through their recruitment ads.

Here are my top 3 cringe points for the current state of recruitment advertising:

  1. The job ad lacks any kind of authenticity. It could be used for any company in that industry and it looks like a HR zombie wrote it. The overuse of the words dynamic, energetic, proactive and detail orientated is annoying me also.
  2. We are wasting valuable space on telling people about the company – that is what google is for! Don’t waste space on this, job seekers do not care about the history of the company.
  3. We are trying to jazz up jobs that really, aren’t that jazzy. Let’s be honest about what the job is, you might get less applications but they will be the right ones.

We are all guilty of writing the text-book recruitment ad. Why? Because it’s easy, it takes minutes to churn out and generally, yeah, it will get results. But ads like these don’t do our business cultures justice and they don’t do our teams or the role justice.

So the next time you are writing a recruitment ad, read it back to yourself and critique whether you have accidentally prepared it for the zombie workforce of the post apocalyptic society, or whether you have prepared it for actual humans who deserve better.

Image credit: Andrew Becraft | Flickr

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