The Rise of the Learning Ecosystem!

Last week I participated in an awesome Tweet Chat facilitated by @ozlearn, where I got the opportunity to introduce myself to new ideas (and new people) regarding Learning Ecosystems.

What’s a Learning Ecosystem?

Well that’s something that the chat couldn’t really agree on….


I can’t help but think that a Learning Ecosystem really sums up the discussion at the moment regarding the future of L&D. The move to the facilitating the learning community and not the ownership!


It appears to be a mix of everything! Creating an environment and system of sharing and collaboration, giving “power to the people” to create their own learning experience.

Is this a new idea?


Pretty much everything would come to a standstill if we didn’t have a Learning Ecosystem. At its core it’s about sharing knowledge, transferring skills and developing others, formally and informally – that’s not business specific that’s origin of civilisation specific! So the question is not whether it exists, it’s how do we improve it and grow it it’s something amazing within the workplace.

What does it all mean?


I almost started this sentence with “time to start thinking”. No, what I need is a plan. I am making a plan about how we bring this to life (with a particular interest in retail). I had started this activity a few weeks ago using this gem of an article by Jane Hart as a starting point to map activities. What’s steps are you taking – write a blog and share it with the community !! I’d love to read it, after all sharing is all part of the Learning Ecosystem.



Special thanks to those mentioned in the post for contributing to my learning journey and to all the awesome participants of the Tweet Chat!

3 thoughts on “The Rise of the Learning Ecosystem!

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  1. Hi Cherish! Thanks for the mention – and for blogging your thoughts post-chat. I really admire and appreciate people who do this (as its something I would like to start doing too…but never seem to get around to…). I typed up a whole comment on my phone last week but LOST IT when I went to post (happens often to me when posting wordpress comments via phone…don’t know why I still try to persist!). Anyway – I can only vaguely recall what I wrote but finally getting back here to comment again (…via laptop this time!).

    As you’ve said, my particular stance on the ‘learning ecosystem’ is that it is basically the environment in which we work and learn – so yes, it’s always there. But I guess the question (like everything in the ’70’ space of learning) is: how can we intentionally cultivate it to support individual and organisational goals? And, perhaps in some ways, similar to the use of a PLN to support organisational goals, for it to work well there needs to be an alignment between individual and organisational goals – as the learning ecosystem is shaped, influenced, built & used by the individual (even if the infrastructure and some of the resources are provided by the organisation)…if there is no alignment there, the org could provide this (‘build it’) but no-one might come (use it) – which was a point that Vanessa North made in the chat.

    Anyway – some of the thoughts inspired by the chat and your post – look forward to more conversations! Thanks again for posting : )

    1. Hahah I need to remind myself to post to I don’t forget what I have learned! I am trying to think of the ways to really cultivate this environment within the space I work in. Need to find some case studies of organisations (who arn’t just google or apple) who have this going on! Hmmmm

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