The robots are coming for your job!

You walk into your favorite department store and you put on your futuristic face wear, I’m thinking something along the lines of Google Glass. Let’s imagine you are in the market for a new TV. As you put on your techwear it automatically recognises you by your unique eye features and accesses a database of your personal spending and purchasing information. In the glass you see the best route come to life to take you around the store, based on what your personal data agrees you are interested in.

dreams don't workunless you doAs you look at all the shiny TV’s, the key information that is most useful to you, pops up before your eyes. You make a nod motion and it is added to your shortlist. You continue the journey around the store, looking at items. Before your eyes are digitally created images of the item in your home and info on how it will sync to your other devices – wow!

You make a decision on what you want to purchase and with the motion of your eyes add it to your basket and pay online; cashless, easy, personal, simple. The item is ready then for pick up at the back of the store. You punch in your personal access code and along a conveyer belt comes your new TV!

Where are the sales people, the cashier, the friendly despatch team? What happened to their jobs? What are they doing now?

The following is one of my FAVORITE videos about robots taking over the earth. Well, not quite but it certainly will make you think. Let’s get thinking, the world is a changing…

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