Get On With It (whatever that is for you)

I think it’s a good process to challenge your assumptions about what you believe.

I believe that if we create better workplaces, with more understanding and empathetic people, then we can shape better communities and a better world. People go to work, have a terrible day and come back and redirect that anger at their family, friends or even themselves. That’s the impact right there that a great workplace has on the community.

I believe in a world that has workplaces that allow people to thrive. What that looks like varies from geography to culture. But fundamentally we can change the world..

Or can we?

Is this an unrealistic vision, that exists in direct opposition to a capitalist agenda?

Is the current popularisation of open workplaces simply another fad? It seems like a set meaningful path, but sooner or later we will grow weary of the consistent efforts to “make people happy” that leaders toss in the towel and opt for the command and control?

Big questions, no small answers.

Beliefs do not have answers, sometimes they don’t have proof. Often it’s just heart. A feeling or a calling.

I had an opportunity to hear from a founder of a business that I really believe in this week. He believes as I do in his own way that we can change people’s lives through the opportunities that work provides. So here is what I took away from the experience.

If you want to see something in the world then you have to get the courage to do it and just screw what other people think, everyone wants you to fail. Get over it.

You need to work on your vision, everyday. There are going to be incredible lows, where you will want to quit. But that’s the moment that tests whether its worth fighting for. It’s okay to lose motivation, energy and grow tired. But when you lose the vision, game over.

Opportunity is everywhere, you need to put yourself out there. If you don’t ask the girl to dance you’ll always be a spectator.

Can we create the workplaces we deserve?

Maybe with this thinking, we might just be foolish enough to succeed.

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