Data, why do you have an LMS?

My opinion on this is simple, the LMS is a hangover from the last decade of elearning travesties. There are only two reasons you have an LMS – compliance training and reporting. I think all you need is a great intranet, with the capability to capture compliance sign offs and training. Outside of that, why are we so obsessed with course completion? I’m interested in behaviour:

  • When are people accessing information?
  • What is their search behaviour like, what topics are they seeking out?
  • Did they find the content useful?
  • How long do they spend engaging with content?
  • What’s capturing and holding their attention?
  • Is the info easy to get to?
  • Can people ask questions and get answers?
  • Is there a way for team members to contribute to the knowledge base?

When the conversation is about, “managers need to drive their teams onto the LMS”, the real conversation we need to have is… why don’t people want to access the platform in the first place? Course completion data is not going to tell you that.

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