The Atlas of Emotion and the Three Doors

Your emotions are messages from your inner world. They are advisors helping you navigate the complexity around you. They are neither good nor bad, simply there to focus your attention so you can care for yourself and others. ... just a little something that I believe based on the research into emotions. I’ve been giving... Continue Reading →

Why Lifespan Development is Curious

Developmental Psychology was one of the subjects I was most looking forward to in my degree. I have always been immensely curious about the changes we experience and how nature vs nurture informs our understanding. As someone with a career in HR and Learning, coaching people through their development, and into the grey space of... Continue Reading →

Cracking The Empathy Code

It's said that every time you recall something you change the memory. So in fact our memories are never an accurate reflection of what happened, precisely. They a version of our truth, but not the ultimate truth. It becomes the story that we tell ourselves; not the reality to which we have experienced. But the... Continue Reading →

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